Sunday, September 19, 2010

Classic Shirts (with Suspenders!)

Rumpled, untucked, and worn-in in all the right places.  Perfect for a day on the town or a roll in the hay.  Each style comes with a suspenders version so you can look chic like grandpa :-)

{Credits: Photos 1, 5 ~ hair, BettiePage Voyager; skin, TOSL custom. Photos 2 through 4 ~ hair, Boon; skin, TOSL custom.}

*Rosette* & *Ranunculus* Cardigans

Essential sweaters for the bombshell behind the good girl, à la the lovely Lana Turner.

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{Credits: Photos 1, 2 ~ hair, Artilleri; skin, TOSL custom. Photos 3 through 5 ~ hair and skin, TOSL custom.}