Friday, March 18, 2011

For Our Friends in Japan

On March 11, 2011, Japan was devastated by the Kanto Earthquake, a 9.0 magnitude quake, followed by a deadly tsunami that destroyed a great part of eastern Japan and left many homes and lives in ruins.  Moreover, Japan now faces the threat of radiation exposure following multiple explosions at a nuclear power plant that endangers both citizens and foreign rescue workers.  Getting food, water, and other aide to those affected by the crisis will be an incredible feat, and our friends in Japan will need all the help we can give.

The following is a list of fundraisers in SL.  We're trying to keep the list current, so if you know of more, please send a message to Quintlan Quimby!

Linden Bears
Created by Linden Labs.  You'll receive a  cuddly linden bear for your donation of 300L, 1000L, or 3000L.  All donations will go to the Red Cross.

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser
From March 16th - April 10th.  Proceeds will go to Americares.  Various designers from across the grid have contributed their creations to this event.  TOSL is a part of the PCF event and will be donating 100% of all profits to help the victims affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  (I should note here that while some vendors will donate 100% of your contributions to the charity, others will only donate 50%.  Personally, I have a big problem with designers making money off of an EMERGENCY fundraising event and I urge everyone to look closely at the donation percentages before you buy anything.)

Move for F of Japan
F is for the Future(未 来)
F is for Fundraising (募金) 
F is for First life (ファーストライフ)
... And F is for Friends.  Move for F is an ongoing fundraising event that features many of our favorite Japanese designers, and more are joining!

Help Japan in SL
Another fundraising event with proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross.

TOSL has made 6 new items exclusively for fundraising for Japan.  These items are currently available through the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser and in the TOSL main store and Albero store.  100% of the proceeds will be donated.

TOSL *Nippon Love* Parka v1.1 Ume
TOSL *Nippon Love* Wellies v1.1 Ume
TOSL *Nippon Love* Parka v1.2 Sakura
TOSL *Nippon Love* Wellies v1.2 Sakura

TOSL *Nippon Love* Parka v1.3 Usagi
TOSL *Nippon Love* Parka v1.3 Usagi

American Cancer Society Fashion for Life

 Woo hoo!  The Relay for Life Fashion for Life event has just hit the 3.5L million mark after a successful week.  With only 4 more days to go, please help us reach our goal of 5L million!

TOSL booth at FFL

To find out more about FFL, please visit

Follow the SLURLS below to reach each of the 9 exquisitely designed sims.  (TOSL is located on Arbus, but because flying has been disabled to encourage shoppers to walk by every booth, the best way to reach the TOSL booth is to first land on Irving Penn and follow the corridor.)