Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gatcha Gatcha!

Get ready for the Albero+Cioccolata Gatcha Fest!  For those who haven't played before, "gatcha" -- or it might be spelled "gacha," but I digress -- are toy vending machines that dispense random items.  If you're [relatively] old like me, you might remember those gumball or sticker machines where you drop coins into the slot, twist the knob, wait for the click and hope you don't get the icky flavor or the ugly sticker.

You can relive those nostalgic days, but with way cooler stuff from some of the best designers in SL!  Keep playing for a chance to win rare items!

slurl.com/secondlife/Hyssop/152/206/61 (TOSL gatcha machine's right next to the landing point.)

TOSL *Gingerbread Girl&Boy* Bags