Saturday, February 5, 2011

Meet the New Classics

After years of saying that we'd make stuff for the guys, we finally did it!  A brand new TOSL men's line will be making its debut at the I <3 Originals Fair this weekend.

(Actually, a few overcoats are already out for testing at the main store, but shush... you didn't know that.  Pretend you never saw them.  Pretend we are totally professional.)

Who is that hot guy in the ads, you ask?  That is the awesome Trace Osterham of Theosophy, lending his good looks and amazing photography skills for our exploitation, because the girls at TOSL make for some ugly lookin' dudes.

For ladies who like to wear their guys' stuff, no worries!  We've included smaller, ladies' sizes in all of the men's clothing to make the fitting process a tad easier :-)

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