Wednesday, April 27, 2011

*Juicy Lips* Gatcha Gatcha!

Gatcha games are here again!  For the cash-strapped, the Albero+Cioccolata Gatcha Festival is an excellent place to win some amazing (and amazingly inexpensive) prizes from very talented designers.  I had such a great time shopping around the different gatcha machines that I almost forgot to write this post :P

I realize it's not quite summer yet, but what the heck... who doesn't enjoy popsicles and artificial food coloring stained lips all year round?

Each *Juicy Lips* prize set includes an animated popsicle AND a lip/tongue stain tattoo and only costs 40L per play!  Everything is transferable so you can swap colors with friends.  Keep playing to win the rare rainbow prize.  So bring your spare change, round up your friends and get ready to play!

Gatcha fest is taking place at the Albero+Cioccolata Event Park.

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